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Sheffield opens his mouth

by Joel Sherman -

Gary Sheffield was half-right, which is a lot different from Derek Jeter being “half-black.”

Sheffield was right that Joe Torre plays favorites. He favors the players who won him the four rings.

Torre loves Jeter best of all. He’d love him if he was half-green, half-awake or half-in-the-bag. Because Jeter and Mariano Rivera are the two players most responsible for Torre’s four rings.

Torre loves Jorge Posada and Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte, too, because they are the next three players most responsible for the four rings. Torre also loves those five players because they are quiet, professional gentlemen.

I suspect Torre didn’t love Sheffield because he is neither quiet nor professional, and I suspect he likes him even less now because Sheffield won’t shut up about how Torre mistreated him. And now it’s about how Torre mistreated Sheffield because he’s African-American and how he mistreats all African-American players.

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