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Yanks win back-and-forth contest against Baltimore

Mo blew his first save in 20 chances, but the Yanks scratched across a run in the bottom of the 9th to win nine of their last 10.

Wow! It’s almost unfair. He was sitting 95-99 mph with his fastball and threw a few sliders/slurves between 81 and 88. One perfect inning, two strikeouts, one groundout. And I love the screaming fist-pump after the third out. Some good restrictions have been placed on him to prevent Torre from overworking him: 1. he can’t pitch more than two innings, 2. for every inning he pitches, he must get at least one day of rest before his next outing, 3. he can only start innings, he can’t be brought in mid-inning.

Wilson Betemit
The King of the Three True Outcomes (strikeout, homerun and walk). He had three plate appearances last night and had one of each (in order): two-run HR, walk and K. Getting him for Scott Proctor is looking like a steal.

What more can you say about him? He made a very nice sliding catch, extended his hitting streak to 18 games, threw out a runner at home, and scored the winning run. He’s all over!

How ugly was that ‘art’ they gave him? No offense to art enthusiasts (or the artist), but those paintings and the sculpture would go straight into my basement.

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