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Yankee Game of the Year?

Quite possibly, as they outlasted Toronto 12-11 in a five-hour barn-burner.

Just after the Yankees and Blue Jays finished swapping 23 runs, 35 hits and untold amounts of energy and frustration on Saturday afternoon, a common fatigue settled over the home clubhouse at Yankee Stadium.

It was a satisfying kind of tired — after all, the Yankees had erased three deficits, slapped together a how-to guide on resiliency, and ultimately prevailed. That takes a lot out of you.

That is, unless you’ve already had time to recharge.

“I’ve been in here for like four hours,” said a wired Phil Hughes, fully iced, dressed and showered long before the game’s end. “I’ll have a little more energy for tomorrow.

A game I’ll be attending…

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