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Detroit Red Wing Chris Chelios owes $78,000 in back taxes

Does President Obama have a need for a new Secretary of Defense? From AP-

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios owes more than $78,000 in back taxes on his $2.9 million home in suburban Detroit. A team spokesman blames an accounting glitch and said the bill will be paid in full within days.

Oakland County Treasurer’s Office records cited by The Detroit News say Chelios and his wife owe $61,544 in 2007 taxes plus $16,519 in interest and fees on their Bloomfield Hills home. Treasurer Patrick Dohany says Chelios did pay his 2008 property taxes, but the house will be foreclosed if the 2007 bill isn’t paid by April 2010.

Red Wings spokesman John Hahn says Chelios changed accounting firms after the 2007 bill came due and it apparently wasn’t forwarded to his new accountants.

The explanation sounds plausible to me. If I were the accounting firm who erred, I wouldn’t want clients present or potential to know I’m that careless with my work.

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