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2016 Summer Olympic Games could be the last, says Tokyo governor

You may be interested to hear why Shintaro Ishihara says that. From Reuters-

Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara warned on Wednesday the 2016 Olympics could be the last Games, with global warming an immediate threat to mankind.polar_ice_caps_melting1

Tokyo is bidding to host the 2016 summer Olympics with Chicago, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid also in the running. The International Olympic Committee will elect the winning candidate during its session on Oct. 2 in the Danish capital.

“It could be that the 2016 Games are the last Olympics in the history of mankind,” Ishihara told reporters at a Tokyo 2016 press event ahead of the vote.

“Global warming is getting worse. We have to come up with measures without which Olympic Games could not last long.

To stave off the threat global warming poses to mankind, I propose the Tokyo Governor and other Japanese officials cancel the 2016 Olympics should Tokyo be picked as the site of the games. Think of all the resources that can be used to save mankind instead of being wasted on frivolous sporting activities. Anyone agree with me?

Hat tip- Doug at Below the Beltway

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