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WBC wants to ban fathers from son’s corners

They already have a rule in place. From AP-

The World Boxing Council wants to banish once and for all fathers from working their sons’ corners during fights after a study showed it could prove fatal.

Speaking at the WBC’s annual convention, council president Jose Sulaiman said the organization already had a rule banning fathers from their sons’ corners but that it was being flouted.

The WBC must strictly enforce this law to prevent errors in judgment that could lead to tragedy in the ring, Sulaiman added.

Dr. Paul Wallace, chairman of the WBC’s Medical Advisory Board, said that a study in California backed up the WBC’s stance.

“The most common factor out of all the fatalities that had happened, was having fathers in the corner,” he said of the study. “Now, that’s not something that’s a medical issue, but it’s something that’s clearly an association.”

Art Pelullo, president of Banner Promotions, said the emotional link between father and son should preclude them working so closely together during a fight.

“A father is not detached enough to make the right decision, because he’s looking at what he loves and maybe not seeing what’s really going on,” Pelullo said.

Experts and the WBC believe a father can’t look at what is taking place strictly as a trainer rather than as a parent. I don’t know if I agree or disagree, but if the WBC doesn’t want fathers in the corner, they should strictly enforce the rules they have now.

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