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Ricky Williams Suspended for 2006

Ricky Williams has been suspended for drug violations for all of 2006.

Dolphins halfback Ricky Williams lost his appeal with the NFL for violating the substance abuse policy and will be ineligible for the 2006 season.

The appeal was of his fourth violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy, a ruling that places his football career in jeopardy.

Two sources said Williams was told of the ruling earlier Tuesday. This will mark the second time in three years that Williams will sit out a full season. Williams missed the 2004 campaign when he abruptly retired days before the start of training camp that summer, following his third violation of the substance abuse policy.

I had honestly thought he had turned it around, and would like to know what the league found during their test. In any event, this could very well be the end of one of the strangest careers the NFL has ever seen.

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