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Big Ben: “If I ever ride again, it certainly will be with a helmet.”

Ben Roethlisberger’s statement after the motorcycle accident.

The Steelers this afternoon released a statement from Ben Roethlisberger commenting on his recent motorcycle accident, and the injured quarterback said that if he rides a motorcycle again, he’ll do so with a helmet.

The statement reads: “In the past few days, I have gained a new perspective on life. By the grace of God, I am fortunate to be alive, surrounded by loved ones and lifted by the prayers and support of so many. I am sorry for any anxiety and concern my actions have caused others, specifically my family, the Steelers organization, my teammates and our fans.

“I recognize that I have a responsibility to safeguard my health in the off-season so I can continue to lead our team effectively. I never meant any harm to others nor to break any laws. I was confident in my ability to ride a motorcycle and simply believed such an accident would not happen to me. If I ever ride again, it certainly will be with a helmet.

“My deepest appreciation goes out to the Steelers organization and my teammates for the compassion they have shown me. The physicians and support staff at Mercy Hospital were simply amazing, and I will forever be grateful for their caring treatment.

“I want to assure everyone I am committed to a complete and timely recovery. I look forward to being at training camp in Latrobe and to winning football games this season.”

Glad to see he’s learned from this, and also good to see him out of the hospital.

The big concern now is the weight he’s going to lose. He’s going to be training at a weight he isn’t used to – let’s hope he can take it. That was a scary few days for Steeler fans, seeing as how no one knew for a while if he would even live to tell the tale. Also, Big Ben is the first quarterback Steeler fans have gotten behind in a meaningful way in a long time, and it would have been a shame to lose him so soon.

Here’s to many years of Big Ben (and while I’m at it, many years of Carson Palmer as well. I want him to be around so we can beat him twice a year).

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