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2007 Yankee Projections

ZiPS have made their 2007 Projections for the 2007 Major League season. Below are my thoughts on their predictions for the New York Yankees:

How is no one projected to slug over .500? That’s an impossibility with this lineup. 4 Yanks slugged over .500 this year.
Abreu – only a .287 batting average with 98 rbi? Those both sound a bit low to me.
Giambi – I know he’s a dead-pull hitter now with bad kness, but a .241 batting average? He should hit at least .250.
Arod, Matsui, Jeter and Cano seem about right.
Melky – I would love those numbers from him. Of course, they’re crediting him with 584 at-bats. That’s highly unklikely as the 4th outfielder. Of course, 2 outfielders went down last year, so you really never know.
Damon – Again, I would definitely take those. Especially the RBI.

Randy – I’d be ecstatic with that year from him. In other words, it’s rather unrealistic.
Mussina, Wang – The ERA projections seem a bit high. I expect they’ll both have ERAs under 3.80.
Proctor – So Colter Bean is supposed to have a lower ERA than ‘Everyday’ Scotty? I don’t think so.
Pettitte, Hughes – Pretty accurate ERA projections in my book. But Hughes won’t get that many innings.
Igawa, Bruney – They should both have better years than this projection. Bruney was dominant this year (.87 ERA in 20.2 innings). It’s tough to say with Igawa, but I predict his ERA will be right around 4.00.

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I’m not a big fan of Think Factory’s predictions. They always seem to be leaning towards the player’s lowest potential.

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