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Sack the BCS

A group of fans has gotten together to petition the NCAA to abandon the BCS in favor of a playoff system. The text of their petition:

I urge you to Sack the BCS system and replace it with a playoff system. College Football Division IA is the only sport that does not decide a national champion through a playoff system.

Fans, players and coaches across the country are losing faith in the current system because a computer program cannot fairly decide who the best two teams are in the country.

To be the best you should have to beat the best.

They’re not committed to a specific playoff model but propose this one:

Conference Champion System

  • The top five conference champions would receive automatic bids and the next top three teams, according to the BCS rankings, would receive the remaining three bids.

Top 8 BCS teams

  • The regular season would end on Thanksgiving Weekend
  • There would be an 8 team playoff
  • The 8 teams would be chosen using the BCS model
  • The games would be played at neutral locations and could be former bowl game sites

It’s a pretty fair system but anything poll driven will spark much of the same controversy as the current one. What about the 9th and 10th and 11th and 12th ranked teams, who might have a better record or play in a tougher conference than the 8th? There’s much less of that in the pros, where the number of teams is very limited.

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