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Dallas Cowboys Depth Chart

DMN beat writer Jean-Jacques Taylor takes some fan questions in his latest column. This one intrigued me:

Q. What are the questionable positions this year, to where a rookie can come into camp and possibly win a starting job? - Shane Theriot, Inland Empire, Calif.

TAYLOR: If we’re honest, there’s not really a position on offense where a rookie would come in and be expected to start. On defense, the only position where a rookie could come in and be expected to start is free safety and, maybe, left outside linebacker if Greg Ellis’ recovery from a ruptured Achilles’ tendon didn’t progress as fast as the trainers figured it would.

Now, this is a team that went 9-7, collapsed down the stretch, and lost in the first round of the playoffs. Yet, Taylor is almost certainly right.

With a roster that deep–there’s only been one addition through free agency thus far–how did the team fare so badly last year? Bill Parcells is supposed to be a genius and Hall of Fame caliber motivator, right? How did he do so poorly with that much talent on the roster?

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