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Rockies Take Down The Red Sox

The Colorado Rockies took care of the Boston Red Sox tonight winning 7-1. And, took the series 2-1. If you haven’t noticed the Rockies are playing great ball.

How did they do it? Great pitching. In this series the Rockies Pitcher’s allowed only 5 runs. This, at Fenway Park. This, the fifth best hitting team in the majors (.274). Then there were the bat’s. Despite only scoring 1 run in a loss the first game. The Rockies offense put up a total of 20 runs in the series. Last, I can’t forget health. Couple the bat’s coming alive. And, the return of many injured player’s. And, boom this young team is showing it’s promise to become a baseball team. Outstanding!

Take notice! The Rockies haven’t lost a series in June. And, the last series they lost was May 18-20 against the Royals. They are now at 33-33, and very much in the NL West race.

Side note: This was Josh Beckett’s first loss of the season, he is now 9-1.

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