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NFL Preseason – Every Play Doesn’t Count

The gang at Football Outsiders does a live chat during every nationally televised NFL preseason game under the headline “Every Play Doesn’t Count.” The Week 1 wrap-up is pretty funny, pointing out all the inane chatter and distractions from the game that makes up each telecast.

Some key observations:

Michael David Smith: Random thought: Does anyone know how Martz-coached teams have done in the second halves of preseason games? I have a feeling that the Martz schemes are perfectly suited to exploiting defenses that have scrubs on the field. So the fact that both of the Lions’ backup QBs went for 220 doesn’t say much about the quality of the Lions’ backup QBs, but it does say a lot about the ability of the Martz offense to attack the defense’s weak points. Of course, when the regular season starts the Lions won’t see nearly as many weak points on the opposing defense as they saw against the Bengals’ third-stringers.


Bill Barnwell: That was some brilliant subtle burying of Aikman (”[Tyson] Thompson got some carries early in the year but he really struggled to get touches later on with two big guys ahead of him”) by Buck (”Thompson broke his leg in October and went on IR…”)

If Herman Edwards actually ran a fashion show, he’d send the same model out there 65 consecutive times and end the show five minutes too late.


Sean McCormick: The full J.P. Losman experience was on display. On a third-down play, he was athletic enough to pluck a bad snap out of the air, roll right and head upfield, weaving through traffic for a twelve-yard gain. The next play, he was supposed to take a one-step drop and throw the quick slant, but he held onto the ball too long, waiting for the receiver to be wide open instead of throwing to the spot, and the result was an incompletion. He just doesn’t seem to get much a pre-snap read. If he wasn’t so mobile, he’d be Rob Johnson.

Much more at the link.

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