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Those pathetic 0-4 Miami Dolphins

Yesterday’s 35-17 loss to the Oakland Raiders was embarrassing on several fronts.

*- Oakland rushed for 299 yards. Backup Justin Fargas rushed for 179 after Raider starter LaMont Jordan was injured late in the first half.

In all honesty, Miami has injury problems on defense at the moment. Zach Thomas missed his second straight game, Vonnie Holliday was also out and Channing Crowder got injured during the game. Still Miami seems good for at least 150 yards a game rushing as long as the opposing team has a halfway decent running back.

Note- Next week’s opponent, The Houston Texans, lack a running game so far this year. Rushing for just 89 yards per game so far this season. That’s 24th in the NFL.

*- Trent Green’s 55.1 passer rating for the game, which included two interceptions and one touchdown throw. That makes 7 INT and 5 TD for the year, at that rate Green will throw 28 by year’s end. Can anyone again tell me why Miami traded for this bozo? Don’t tell me he knows the system Cam Cameron uses. This little bit of news leaves you wondering about that.

Will Cameron keep sending Green out there? You got to remember Miami could have to cough up a fourth round pick instead of a fifth. If Cameron costs Miami a higher pick with the Trent Green futility show, the coach deserves to be fired.

*- Former Dolphin Daunte Culpepper has to be feeling good. He only threw two touchdown passes and ran for three more against Miami.

Granted Culpepper was just 5 for 12 passing the ball. I don’t think Culpepper is playing at his pre-2005 injury ability and doubt the QB ever will.

*- Ted Ginn is still MIA so far as catching passes goes.(Missing in Action not Miami) Anyone think he could be the new Johnny Lam Jones besides me?

*- TE David Martin continues to stink up the field. How Miami management could think Martin was a quality TE is beyond me. Look at his stats prior to 2007. He caught less than 100 passes in six NFL seasons. Injuries or not, that does not make for a good football player.

*- Ethan Skolnick at the Sun-Sentinel’s Season Ticket blog wrote-

For all the talk of Brady Quinn, is it possible that the Dolphins will most regret passing on Amobi Okoye and Patrick Willis?

Compare that with what I wrote in this blog post from last April.

I stick to what I said before, the Dolphins should not draft Brady Quinn. Rather the team should either pick

1- DT Amobi Okoye


2- LB Patrick Willis


3- Trade down

Miami has the oldest starting defense in the NFL. Its time to upgrade it.

All those paid geniuses in the MSM are finally catching on to how old the Dolphin defense is. Note every single Dolphin prognosticator in yesterday’s Palm Beach Post picked Miami to win. Talk about a bunch of ostriches.

*- 2006 1st round pick Jason Allen is still not good enough to play anything but special teams. Miami ought to either let Allen start and see what he can do, or cut the bum. Salary cap hit or not, if the player isn’t good enough to start, why keep a person on the roster?

*- Another draft bust in the making- 3rd round pick Lorenzo Booker. Miami needed him as a pass catching RB but Booker has yet to play a down this season. Why didn’t Miami use this pick on some help for their aging Defensive line instead. Oh because Dolphin coaching and managment have their heads up their anus.

*- The best part of yesterday’s game? That the start was delayed thirty minutes due to lightning?

No, not that. Ronnie Brown rushed for 134 yards.

Miami stands at 0-4. How bad could things get for Miami? They could well start the year 0-8. Their next four games are against Houston, Cleveland, New England and the New York Giants. All but the Texans average at least 99 yards rushing per game this season. Winning even one of these games may be a daunting task. Miami right now looks at best 4-12 team, and 0-16 is not impossible.

I’m inclined to think Miami can beat Houston, and could get a win versus either the Giants or Cleveland. This is going to be a long year for Miami Dolphin fans, but I been saying that all along.

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