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Yanks lose – it sure looks like Torre was wrong

to start Wang in Game 1 and start Matsui over Duncan. Like I said, it should have been Pettitte in Game 1, Hughes in Game 2, Wang in Game 3. Someone on some website said that of all the Game 1 starters in the playoffs this year, the one most likely to get shelled was Wang – and he was right. He had two outs and none on in the 1st before allowing three runs! WTF? Then there was Posada k’ing with the bases full and none out. After the Yanks pulled to within one, and Wang walked the leadoff hitter, I knew Torre should have pulled him, but no, he stayed in to give up a two-run HR that felt like the death knell.

What else went wrong? Outside of Ohlendorf getting bombed, Melky has become an automatic out (0-4), Arod walked twice but also went 0-2 with two popups, Posada, Matsui and Jeter went 0-12 with five Ks (leaving 12 men on base).

The good news? Abreu and Cano looked good at the plate, Hughes looked good in his first postseason work (despite giving up an 0-2 HR – inexcusable Phil), this was a game the Yanks were expected/supposed to lose (they’re only down 0-1), and finally, the last two years when the Yanks have won Game 1 they’ve gone on to lose the series, so maybe a first game loss will reverse that.

PS: Is that stadium some kind of launching pad or what? I didn’t think at least two of those HRs had any shot of getting out.

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