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Reports say Miami Dolphins have hired Tony Sparano to be head coach

All three South Florida newspapers, The Palm Beach Post, Sun-Sentinel, and Miami Herald are reporting Sparano has been hired. None quotes a Dolphin source, named or unnamed. Still I think the news is true. From the Miami Herald-

The worst-kept secret in South Florida became official today as the Dolphins have completed a deal with Cowboys assistant head coach Tony Sparano today. A news conference has been scheduled for Noon.

Sparano arrived at the team’s facility with general manager Jeff Ireland shortly before 8 a.m. Not long after, team owner Wayne Huizenga showed up in his car for a brief conversation. Huizenga left the building by 9:30 a.m.

Huizenga’s final approval was the only aspect of the negotiations that needed to take place. The owner met for dinner with Sparano and others for 2 ½ hours on Tuesday. After the dinner, Huizenga told The Miami Herald he thought Sparano was ”great” and “terrific.”

I don’t have access to the Herald’s archives, but I seem to recall a similar reaction by Huzienga when Cam Cameron was hired.

So Miami thinks they have the head coach to lead them to victory…..again. Sparano will lead the Dolphins to a better season in 2008(at 1-15 there is almost no where to go but up!) but the team has so many woes at present, I wouldn’t count on a winning season before 2010. Will Dolphin fans and management have the patience to wait that long?

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