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Cowboys Consider Time Share Tickets

Dallas Cowboys fans are facing sticker shock at the record-setting prices for season tickets at the new stadium. Jerry Jones is working on a creative solution, Andrea Ahles and Charean Williams report.

Cowboys Consider Time Share Tickets The new Cowboys stadium in Arlington, shown Friday, is scheduled to open for the 2009 football season.Are the Dallas Cowboys considering a time share-type ticket at the team’s new $1 billion stadium in Arlington?

According to a blog item on the Dallas Observer, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that a group of friends could purchase a single ticket to a game at the new stadium and then take turns going inside to watch the action while the rest enjoyed the game atmosphere outside. Jones described this ticket-sharing scenario at a meet-and-greet event last week, according to an item posted Monday.

Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels said he could not confirm Jones’ comments, adding, “This is not a program we have in place at this time.”

However, in its Super Bowl pitch to the NFL, the Cowboys and the North Texas bid committee said that 20,000 fans will be able to buy tickets to standing-room-only party plazas outside each end zone, where the game will be shown on digital screens.

Earlier Monday at the NFL owners meeting in Palm Beach, Fla., the Star-Telegram spoke with Jones about his stadium, where he alluded to “different ways to watch and be a part of the game.”

Considering how expensive tickets are, this may be the only way for most fans to be able to afford a live game experience. That’s not a criticism — Jones has every right to charge what the market will bear and he’s got a very desirable product with very limited availability. That he’s figuring out a way to make maximum profit and still do something for “the little guy” is both commendable and smart business.

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