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NFL Draft 2008 – Round 3 – Cowboys Trade 3rd to Detroit

NFL Draft 2008 Logo After seeing a run on wide receivers, the Dallas Cowboys traded their 3rd round pick, #92 overall, to the Detroit Lions.

Nick Eatman doesn’t yet have details but reports,

The Cowboys obviously didn’t see anything that impressed them too much here in the third round as they traded away the pick to Detroit. Don’t get too excited, I doubt it’s for wide receiver Roy Williams. We’re still waiting on the full details of the trade. The Cowboys still have their 100th overall pick, the one they obtained from Miami.

That’s the top pick in the fourth round, which they obtained on the eve of the draft in trade for Anthony Fasano and Akin Ayodele. I still don’t understand that trade, by the way.

UPDATE: Albert Breer reports that, “For the Cowboys’ third-rounder, 92nd overall, the Lions sent their fourth rounders this year (111th overall) and next year to Dallas.” That doesn’t strike me as particularly good value. But it may just be that the Cowboys don’t think there was anyone worth spending a 3rd on left on the board.

Here’s the problem, though: Three picks later, the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, a division rival who we play twice a year, picked Michigan WR Mario Manningham, a first round talent who has dropped because of character issues. The Cowboys need a WR. Hmm.

UPDATE: The ESPN gang, Ron Jaworski in particular, don’t think Manningham has the size or speed to dominate in the NFL. Let us hope.

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