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Anchors Aweigh- Carolyn Bivens out, Marsha Evans in as new LPGA Commissioner

Actually the new Commissioner will only take the job on a interim basis. Evans, a retired Navy Rear Admiral, has already made it clear she isn’t interested in the job long term. A search committee has been formed to find a new successor.

If you want a thorough run down on Evans life, read Ryan’s post at Waggleroom.

So the Brand Lady is out. I repeat what I said last week, it’s about time. The LPGA schedule isn’t just in taters, but a long list of tournament sponsors were seriously unhappy with the way they were being treated. Miss Bivens may not have liked it, but without tournament sponsors their wouldn’t be a tour and antagonizing them in foolish ways was beyond assinine. It was destructive to ladies professional golf in the United States.

Some bloggers, Stephanie Wei and Brent Kelley for two, think we’ll see the Bivens era in a more positive light after a few years have passed. I couldn’t disagree more strongly. The LPGA has been seriously damaged and it will take a few years at least to get its house back in order. The long term television contract that Bivens landed as nice as it looks, can’t change the fact that the Golf Channel will still often show LPGA tourneys on tape delay due to its PGA contractual obligations. Nor do I expect the Network to suddenly focus more attention on the LPGA. That’s unless Michelle Wie finally gets a grip on that talent she has and starts a run at #1 player in the world. I still think that can happen.

My own opinion is barring Michelle Wie taking off, the LPGA will still be a niche sport and a very weakened one because of Carolyn Bivens actions during her time as Commissioner.

Hound Dog, The Constructivist, and Jay Busbee are also blogging on today’s news.

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