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Two many happy returns- Miami Dolphins beat NY Jets 30-25

Run Ted Run! From AP-

Ted Ginn Jr. was angry, his ego bruised by an embarrassing benching.Dolphins Jets Football

The Miami wide receiver took out his frustration on the New York Jets, returning two long kickoffs for touchdowns in the third quarter, and the Dolphins’ defense held on for a 30-25 victory Sunday.

Ginn was the first player since Green Bay’s Travis Williams in 1967 to return two kickoffs for touchdowns in the same quarter.

One of the most questionable moves Tony Sparano has made since becoming the Dolphins coach, has been his use of other players than Ginn as return men. Ginn has always been explosive on kick returns, including when the Dolphins were stinking up the NFL at 1-15 in 2007. There is no other Dolphin who is threat to bust one for a touchdown. So why doesn’t Sparano always have Ginn returning kicks?

I think Sparano is letting his other assessments of Ginn color his judgment when it comes to his use on special teams. Ginn has problems as a receiver, he wasn’t your personnel decision, but benching him for kick returns in favor of people like Davonne Bess and Brandon London is not puzzling but idiotic instead.

Miami really was fortunate to pull out a victory yesterday.

Maybe so, especially when the Jets’ defense shut down the Dolphins’ wildcat formation and held Miami to just 104 yards of total offense compared to New York’s 378.


Miami’s second-ranked running attack rushed for just 52 yards, and Chad Henne was 12-of-21 for 112 yards and a late touchdown to Joey Haynos.

Miami’s other touchdown was a Jason Taylor fumble return.

Next up for Miami is the New England Patriots. I will be surprised if the Dolphins win 9 or more games this year.

Note- In 2007 at least two Ginn returns for touchdowns were called back by penalties.

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