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Miami Dolphins trade WR Chris Chambers to San Diego

I like this deal.

The Dolphins traded receiver Chris Chambers on Tuesday to San Diego for a second-round pick in this April’s draft, freeing up playing time for two younger receivers who fit in the Dolphins’ long-term plans.

Chambers, 29, made the 2005 Pro Bowl and leads the Dolphins with 415 receiving yards this season on 34 catches, but has largely underachieved since being drafted in the second round in 2001.

“This trade will give some of our younger players at that position, such as Ted Ginn and Derek Hagan, more of an opportunity this year,”

Chambers was a good WR for Miami but 06 was an off year and 2007 hasn’t been all that good. A second round pick if used properly should make this a good deal for Miami.

I’d put Ginn in the lineup and have Hagen as the third wideout. Its time for Miami to see if their 2007 first round pick will produce. Ginn showed some of his promise last Sunday, two excellent kickoff returns, one for a TD. Both ruined by penalties.

2nd year player Hagen can be a good wide receiver, if he can learn to hang onto the ball that is. He hasn’t gotten a great deal of play time because of Chambers and Marty Booker. Note- It was Hagen being called for holding that negated the Ginn Kickoff return for a TD.

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