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2010 Olympic venue closed due to heavy rains

What member or members of the IOCC pissed off mother nature? From AP-

The ski resort that will host freestyle and snowboarding events at the Vancouver Games is closed because of rain and warm temperatures.

The closure renews concerns about the mild climate during next month’s Olympics.

Soft snow conditions bordering on dangerous forced the cancellation of a men’s and women’s World Cup parallel giant slalom last winter.

But Tim Gayda, vice president of sport for the Vancouver Olympic Games Organizing Committee, said both artificial and natural snow has been stockpiled.

It was so cold here in South Florida last Saturday night-Sunday morning, that if the clouds let loose, we may have seen snow flurries for the second time ever. It’s raining in Canada now, what is wrong with that picture?

The Canadian government is also spending 9 million dollars on weather forecasting equipment. We all know that no mistakes are made when forecasting the next day’s weather? NOT!

I do think the Olympics in Vancouver will be a success. Just call this some late morning snark.

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