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NFL Draft 2010 – Round 4 #16- Baltimore- TE Dennis Pitta

The only reason I’m commenting on this pick is that this is second Tight End has taken in the 2010 Draft. At one of ESPN’s analysts liked the selections, stating that Baltimore’s GM was taking the best player available and that is why the Ravens are consistently good. The Ravens have been good, but over drafting at one position isn’t the way to stay there IMHO.

Also I want to make note how dumb the Dolphins are looking now. The Ravens have two tight ends selected, Miami is still looking for one. Depth on the offense line, aka the John Jerry, pick could have waited. writes on Pitta- Pitta is an older senior in that he has five years of football at BYU plus a two year mission which will put him at 25 during his rookie season. He is more of a receiving tight end than a blocking or dual purpose one and will need some time to get used to lining up in a three point stance as BYU generally flexes their tight ends out in a two point stance. He is not real explosive on his release and will need some work on escaping the press at the next level.

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