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No Offers for Glavine

David O’Brien reports that no offers have yet been made for the services of Tom Glavine, increasing the likelihood he’ll re-sign with the Mets.

Tom Glavine wants to rejoin the Braves and the Braves want the 40-year-old left-hander back in their starting rotation. But as of late Tuesday, a signing seemed far from imminent — in fact, there was reason to doubt if it would happen at all. First and foremost, the Braves still had not made an offer to Glavine. “There’s been a few very pleasant conversations with the Braves, who have expressed interest in having Tommy back,” agent Gregg Clifton said near midnight, “but as of now, no formal discussions about any terms that the Braves would be wiling to offer Tom for him to return.”

Clifton said there have been no offers made yet by either the Braves or the Mets, who are awaiting word from Glavine as to what he wants to do _ return to the Mets or go back to the Braves. Time is becoming a factor with Glavine, who assured the Mets he would give them an answer before the Dec. 4-7 winter meetings in Orlando, where the Mets would presumably begin an all-out push for Barry Zito and/or another marquee pitcher if Glavine, a former two-time Cy Young Award winner who has 290 career regular-season wins, doesn’t return to New York.


Despite his desire to return to the Braves and their desire to improve their pitching staff, it still seemed completely up in the air whether he would pitch for the Braves in 2007 or return for a fifth season with the New York Mets. He has said repeatedly it’ll be one or the other, which would eliminate the opportunity to create a bidding war by bringing in other teams.

The Mets haven’t made an offer because they’re waiting for Glavine to tell them whether he wants back with the Braves. I’d be surprised if the Mets offered him anything less than a two-year deal similar to the one Mike Mussina just got from Yanks ($23 mill for two years).

If the Braves don’t make a competitive offer, and soon, it may quickly become less likely he’ll be back with Atlanta.

Given their limited payroll, I’m not sure it makes sense for the Braves to pay that kind of money for a 41-year-old starting pitching. Still, it’d be nice to have Glavine back and, presumably, have him get his 300th win in a Braves uniform.

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