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Steelers Finalist List

With the recent hiring of Ken Whisenhunt by the Arizona Cardinals (and many Steeler fans heaving a sigh of relief after a mediocre year of offense), the franchise announced their three finalists.

Looks like the next Steeler head coach will be either Russ Grimm, Steelers o-line coach, Mike Tomlin, defensive coordinator of the Vikings, or Ron Rivera, defensive coordinator of the Bears.

Whisenhunt was the only choice that made me nervous. He strikes me as similar to Mike Mularkey – a decent offensive signal caller, but not able to run a whole team. Also, I don’t trust Cowher o-coordinators as a rule, because they tend to call weird plays that fail spectacularly.

The o-line has usually been good, this year being an exception – and I don’t know how much that has to do with the coach. The Vikings defense isn’t bad, and the Bears defense has been exceptional over the past two years. So I’d say all three would be good picks, and really don’t have a preference. In this coaching market, these choices seem to be the best ones.

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