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Lions Fans Planning Stadium Walkout

Fans of the Detroit Lions are mad as hell and they aren’t going to take it any more.

Some fans in Detroit are planning to protest the dismal state of the William Clay Ford-owned and Matt Millen-led Detroit Lions in their home finale for the second straight year.

Last season, about 500 people marched, chanting “Fire Mil-len!, before the Lions hosted the Cincinnati Bengals, and many wore orange during the game.

On Sunday against Chicago, another protest has been initiated by disgruntled fans. With 8:57 left in the second quarter, those interested in showing their displeasure with Ford and Millen are asked to walk out of their seats and to later walk out of the stadium.

“They pay 60 or 80 bucks for a ticket, so they can do what they want with it,” Detroit tackle Jeff Backus said. “It’s their right to do that. We’re not putting a good product on the field, so if that’s the way they want to react to it, then so be it.”

True all around. Aside from taking money out of the pocket of stadium vendors, though, it’s hard to see how this accomplishes anything. The Lions will still get paid for the tickets and still be headed by the same geniuses that have made them a perennial contender for the first overall draft pick for so many years.

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