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The ADT Twilight Zone moments

*- Reilley Rankin was three under par for the day when she teed off the 12th hole. While very few if any players will get home in two at the 12th, it is still a birdie hole.

Listen to what happened to Reilley.

Her drive misses the fairway right
2nd shot lands in the woods on the left.
3rd shot is a punch 4-rion
From 132 holes, Reilley hits it into bunker
Then Reilley hits out of bunker into out of bounds area.
Drop back in bunker, then shot goes over green
A chip and two-putt follow. Reilley makes a ten on hole 12.

When interviewed Reilley hopes to play tomorrow like she did today without going into the twilight zone.

*- Lorena hits two tee shots in the water at 17. Final result is a quadruple bogey 7. Lorena goes from six under to two under in one hole.

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