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Plummer’s Job Security Takes Another Big Hit!

I would like to say I am suprised by this. But, that just isn’t the case.

If coach Mike Shanahan does not trust his quarterback, why should anybody else in Denver believe in Jake Plummer? Almost by accident, the Broncos beat Kansas City 9-6.

But Plummer knows the score. He is a dead quarterback walking.

The Broncos won. But anyone who saw Plummer in the locker room felt the discomfort of standing in the presence of a beaten man.

I have to believe “The Snake” is feeling the pressure of having Cutler in his rear-view. And, with good reason. Jay Cutler, 11th pick of the 2006 draft has looked strikingly similar to another QB in Bronco’s history. Some may have heard of this guy, Elway?

“I thought we dialed it back a little bit. We put a little more pressure on our defense,” said Shanahan, who admitted after five turnovers against the Rams last week he was not about to let Plummer throw the same junk around his own backyard Sunday. Shanahan, whose reputation was built on being an offensive mastermind, did not dial it down for Brian Griese or Gus Frerotte the way the coach is tugging on Plummer’s leash.

Now warming up in the bullpen, No. 6, rookie Jay Cutler.

And here are some harsh words for Jake. But, absolutley true! Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway paved a hard path for others to follow here in Bronco Country. But, this is the reality of playing for this organization.

Since when did being quarterback of the Broncos mean getting out of the way? If he is not on the field to make plays, then why is Plummer standing in the huddle at all?


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