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Browns GM Savage sent message containing expletive in response to heckling e-mailer


Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage sent an e-mail containing an expletive in response to a disparaging message he received from a fan during the team’s Monday night game against Buffalo, coach Romeo Crennel confirmed Thursday.

Crennel said he spoke with Savage, who sent the e-mail during Cleveland’s 29-27 win over the Bills.

“We all get frustrated at times,” Crennel said. “Phil generally, like the rest of us, tries to be professional and hold it in. But sometimes some things slip out. It’s unfortunate that it slipped out. Tough times, tough things happen. I’m sure that if we had it to do over again we’d do it a little bit differently.”

Savage’s e-mail exchange with the fan was first reported on sports blog

Savage has not yet commented on the e-mail.

Outside the Ohio area, is there really anyone who cares about this news? A football executive used a curse word! What’s next, prostitutes will start asking for money in return for sex?

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